Welcome to PainCast, the pain management network!  Chances are, if you’re here, you must be a pain management physician or professional.  We’ve made this site just for you.  We’ve collected years worth of information on the history and processes of the pain management specialization and transformed it into a virtual library of videos, journals, articles, podcasts, and more – all at your fingertips.

Maybe you’re a student, growing into the pain management field and building your knowledge base, but looking for better access to continuing education and industry conferences or workshops?  PainCast is for you too.  PainCast is a constantly evolving resource with thousands of informational materials and more being added every day.  We attend and report on dozens of conferences, utilize live feeds, and provide access to top experts, keeping you with the most up to date information in the in the field.

Maybe you’re an established pain management professional, and you’re looking for somewhere to present your knowledge, or interact with other physicians?  PainCast is for you too.  PainCast provides an open forum for you to interact with experts from all over the world and share your ideas.  You can submit video content of your lectures or your procedures, or you can connect with international experts and collaborate on research or look for a fresh perspective on your own endeavors.

So regardless of your level of expertise, as long as your a pain professional, PainCast is for you!  Our objective from the very beginning was to spread knowledge and facilitate collaboration.  With our comprehensive website, we provide current and future physicians the opportunity to expand their knowledge, their network, and their presence in the field. As a result, we bring ourselves closer to fulfilling our mission – to progress the world of pain management.

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